21 de gen. 2010

Self-interview by Platinat

My name is Arnald Climent and I make jewels. I live in Barcelona since I was a child, although I was born in Osor, a small village near Girona.

I have my studio based in Barcelona too and my shop on Etsy is Platinat.I started with jewelry working with my father several years ago and I've not yet get tired. Since that I've sutied jewelry at Art School Llotja, in Barcelona and Alchimia Jewellery School in Florence, but most things I've learned is in the workshop.

When I make jewels I like combining metals, gems and textures. I like the stones since they give color to jewels, but also because of the contrast between its null malleability against the high malleability and ductility of metals.

I am a great lover of order, one of the utopias of my life. When I start a piece or a new project I try to have all the tools in place, but as the work progess you can find files, hammers and any type of tools scattered throughout the workshop.

My main inspiration is the everyday, anything I see on the street, on TV, listening to the radio or reading a book can give me an idea for a jewel. In fact, most ideas are left in a drawer, sometimes forgoten but sometimes may be exploited later.

Besides making jewelry, one thing I really love to do is Running. I do it as often as I can, which is less than I want. And one of the places where I enjoy going is an area, in the Parc del Guinardó, near my home where there is a 360º view of Barcelona. In fact it is not really known and somewhat neglected. If you ever come to Barcelona do not miss it! Take the Bus 28, 86 or 119 and go to the end. You won’t regret!

Some of my references in the jewerlry world for various reasons are the following:

- Michael Zobel

- Giovanni Corvaja

- Tim McCreight

- Carles Codina

- Jurgen Maerz

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